Analytics & Reporting

Get all your data whenever you need it.

How It Helps

A lot of agencies thrive on leaving their clients in the dark. They are hard to get a hold of, don’t give you all the facts, and speak in technical jargon that doesn’t help their clients find value in the work. Agency Jet is nothing like this. We have one of the most state-of-the-art reporting dashboards in the world. See data for any one of your campaigns in real time from anywhere in the world. All you need is a login and you’ll be able to keep tabs on the ins and outs of everything that’s going on.

And when it comes to understanding this technical jargon, Agency Jet is here to help with that as well. What sets us apart from a lot of other agencies is the constant desire for us to educate our clients. Monthly calls are mandatory here at Agency Jet and on these calls we walk you through every step of the dashboard in a digestible manner, making it easy to understand the information in a way that allows you to communicate it to your staff and team members. Don’t have time for a phone call every month? We’ll send you a recorded update instead. Just let us know what works for you.

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed on with Agency Jet and we’ve completed our in-depth research and development phase, we give you the keys to your dashboard. Available online or in the app, your custom dashboard will show you a wealth of information including: Google Analytics, Google My Business, your digital reputation and reviews, mentions online, site uptime and a whole lot more.

On top of all the data that’s being reported for your website, our dashboard also shows all of the activities being conducted by Agency Jet project managers. While you’ll have one lead project manager, you’ll have anywhere from 3-12 technical staff working on your campaign at any given time. With a few clicks you can see all of the work they’ve been able to complete on your campaign marked by the date the tasks were created and completed.


Seeing your results has never been easier! Navigating through our dashboard will show you real time stats through Google Analytics or show you weekly, monthly and quarterly improvements on your keyword phrases. 

Agency Jet also doesn’t hold any of your content hostage. While we’ll be creating hundreds of assets throughout the lifecycle of your campaign, we consider all of this collateral to be owned by you. Access any login through your project manager or get the full list of activities sent to you direct from our dashboard in the form of CSV or PDF download.

Track calls, lead forms, live chats, respond to reviews, mentions and more direct from your dashboard. See what pages people navigated to on your website, where they clicked using our heatmaps and confetti reports or compare yourself to your competition all from one convenient spot.

Don’t have time to sign in to the dashboard and poke around? No worries. Agency Jet also sends you weekly and monthly reports direct to your inbox so you can monitor how the campaign is doing and if any of the information is hard to understand we’ll be there via phone or virtual meeting to walk you through it.

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