Search Engine Optimization gets more traffic to your website.

How It Helps

Having a website without marketing it properly is like having a Ferrari without an engine. It looks nice in the garage but if no one sees it, you’re missing out. We like to look at SEO as a vital part of any business’s efforts to be found by potential customers, scale their business and create lasting results online. A lot of agencies like to focus on technical jargon and it often alienates their clients. For SEO to help your business, we believe that you have to understand it. That’s why at Agency Jet we include you in every step of the process through monthly calls, monthly and weekly reports, and 24/7 access to your custom dashboard.


Getting Started

We break down our plans based on the needs of your business and your current budget and research and development is at the forefront of any campaign for local and national clients. Once we’ve identified a good starting point, we’ll keep you in tune on exactly what to expect in the coming months. Highly collaborative in our efforts, think of us as a marketing manager sitting right next to you in your office.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization services are tailored for local businesses looking to increase their positions and overall visibility in major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing allowing them to reach more customers. Local SEO is organic and works for you 24/7 365, helping your website become a full time employee, not just an online brochure. Through various practices like local directory submissions, expert Google My Business management, webpage optimization for local keywords and more, we help you get in front of potential customers in your local area, fast.

National SEO

National search engine optimization is designed to get your website found everywhere by everyone. Our team of experts diagnoses your current site and builds up the technical assets to make sure Google, Yahoo and Bing are reading your website appropriately and efficiently. From there, we work with you directly to identify key targets for your business and build fantastic content around those targets to get you found online. Our content is organically written, technically sound and always white hat. This gets you results that don’t just stick around for a little while but keeps your results on the top pages of the search engines month over month.




We make two simple promises for all SEO campaigns. If you don’t see an upwards trend in the majority of your keywords and more organic traffic to your site in the first four months, fire us. To this day, no client has had to do so. Why? Our team of experts get results. On average our clients see over 70% of their keywords rise in the rankings in the first four months and organic traffic commonly rises anywhere from 10% to 40% for our clients in this same timeframe. These clients not only see this growth in organic traffic but also can see 80% of this traffic coming from new sessions on average.

Our client’s successes come from our ability to create quality and unique content that Agency Jet leverages to get them in front of potential customers for their business. We work diligently to enhance your content and put in place the necessary on-site and off-site work to send your search rankings skywards. We are constantly updating the way we work, altering what we do to match the regularly changing demands of the major search engines.

Free Website Assessment

Let’s talk and see where your website stands. See what Google thinks, compare against your competitors and identify opportunities.