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We are the dedicated, trustworthy and honest digital marketing partner for your small business.
Considering our clients stick around 4 times longer than the industry average, putting clients first is the recipe that makes us successful
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Our Story

We started Agency Jet to enchant or re-enchant companies into the power of digital marketing. We often say digital marketing is like buying air, you don’t know what it looks like but you know you need it. Agency Jet exists to help clients see and feel the positive impact that digital marketing can have for their bottom lines.

We started in 2016 and since then we’ve seen a high percentage of our clients come from other agencies. Everyday we are more reinforced in our position in the marketplace. Too many times we hear that agencies were hard to get a hold of, that the work was subpar and that our clients didn’t feel listened to. Agency Jet strips away all the lack of care and unprofessionalism and just offers you honest and great work made by the hands of our caring team.

Agency Jet continues to grow in size and capabilities but a client that signs today gets the same treatment and attitude we had in 2016. We have a mantra “Transparency, Education, Results” and it’s by this creed we work tirelessly to build our clients’ trust and confidence that digital marketing is truly one of the best investments they can make for their business. We put our clients first, ourselves second and our investors third and clients feel that in every conversation we have with them.

Established in


to change the narrative
Boasting more than


years of experience
Our clients renew


of the time
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cities nationwide

What We Stand For

Listen, there are over 30,000 digital marketing agencies in the US and options are overwhelming. We figure we’ll tell you exactly who we are so you don’t have to guess what we care about.

Show you care, always.

This is a business. But it’s not about dollars and cents for us. It’s about people. Any agency can tell you that they care, but we aren’t about a good first impression. We’re about a good impression, period.
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Place value over promises.

We care so much about our clients that we tell them to fire us if it ever seems like the strategy is stale or the communication breaks down. That’s why we are steadfast in our commitment to provide value every. single. month. Promises are fulfilled and the pursuit of results is never-ending.

Get it out in the open.

Transparency populates every fiber of our being. Conversations are open and honest. Reporting is 24/7 and easy to interpret. Phone calls are recorded for your insurance. We have tough conversations because they are opportunities to grow and because every client knows that we can’t tell them yes every time. Not if they are going to succeed.
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Do it right, do it often.

Our clients stick with us because we don’t set-it-and-forget-it and we communicate every plan of attack. Including our clients in this labor of love makes more difference than any technical strategy will. It’s the collaboration, ideas and intention that truly creates a working relationship unlike any other.

Meet our team

Here to serve and put you first

Darrin Gerr

Partner + CEO

Artem Kuznetsov

Partner + Client Strategist

Colby Wegter

Partner + SEO Director

Julie Davison

Julie Davison

Director of Client Strategy


Mohsin Johar

Director of Technology


Shayma Vawda

Client Strategist

Jared Sebesta - Agency Jet

Jared Sebesta

PPC Manager


Kerti Patel

Marketing Coordinator


Leeza Ochsner

Project Manager


Sonda T



Brian Bins

Website Designer


Umer Malik

Sr. Project Manager

Jessica Gerr-2

Jessica Gerr

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Giguere - Agency Jet

Sarah Herman

Client Strategist

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Jessica Steele

Client Strategist

Hazel - Profile - Agency Jet

Hazel Bucher

Client Strategist

Martina Ceppi

Martina Ceppi

Web Project Manager




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Take advantage of the best 90 minutes in marketing.

We’ve given over 2500 free, educational and guided website assessments. When you put people first, you don’t strong arm them with sales, you give them valuable information they can use. That’s what this is.