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Director of Marketing
Chuck Speth

“Every time we meet with Agency Jet, we are excited to talk about new achievements and milestones. Our organic traffic has improved, phone calls to our business have increased, and several of our keywords have even made it to the first page of Google which is exciting as we've never experienced that in the past.”

Berger Allied is an industry leader in transportation and relocation services for residential and commercial moving with 16 locations in the United States

24% organic growth

in first 6 months

100+ new non-branded

top 20 keywords

The goals

Berger Allied started with Agency Jet in the middle of the 2020 novel Coronavirus pandemic. Having previously worked with another SEO agency, they saw minimal results and the number one goal was to rely less on their brand name and get more leads online from services they provide.


Get as many top 20 keywords without “Berger” as possible


Increase organic traffic while maintaining or improving quality metrics

The SEO plan

Berger Allied signed on with the National Jet 100 plan at Agency Jet. The plan focused exclusively on non-branded terms nationally and a few local markets as well.



Berger Allied had never ranked on page one and two for more than 360 non-branded keyword phrases.

Organic Traffic

With ~4000 visits in any six month period, Berger Allied needed to broaden their online footprint to get in front of more potential customers.


Berger Allied joined with Agency Jet because of the lack of transparency from the former agency. Communication needed to be transparent and educational.


Maintain Quality

By targeting non-branded keywords, Agency Jet focused on longtail service keywords, knowing that potential customers would be highly interested thus maintaining bounce rate, avg. pages and time on site numbers.

Reporting & Calls

Agency Jet leaned on their core mantra “Transparency - Education - Results” via weekly and monthly reporting, a 24/7 customized dashboard and recorded monthly check-ins with Berger.

The results

100+ new keywords

In the top 20 that didn’t include “Berger” or “Allied” in the phrases.

24% organic growth

In the first 6 months, Agency Jet improved organic traffic and saw similar bounce rate numbers and better avg. page and time on site numbers.

Plan upgrade

After 6 months of improved results and world class communication, Berger Allied invested in a higher plan with Agency Jet to strengthen their digital marketing.
Berger-1st 6 months-Organic Traffic

2.5 times more

Non-branded organic traffic per month from their start date in July 2020 to January 2021 (SEMrush).

Over double

The traffic cost (SEMrush) in the first 6 months. Agency Jet helped Berger Allied increase their keyword value from $12K/month to $24.3K/month.

Want to get results as good as these?

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