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Danlee Medical Products, Inc. is a Certified Women Owned Business Enterprise serving the needs of over 4,000 health-related professionals and their patients globally. In August of 2019, Danlee Medical signed on for an SEO campaign with Agency Jet.

Goal #1: To improve rankings for “Holter”, “EKG” and “ECG” related keywords

Goal #2: Increased traffic to the site resulting in improved sales


The Challenge

Danlee Medical’s website had never had proper SEO work completed on it. While this e-commerce website should have been performing for years for the company, because of this lack of technical SEO, traffic was largely flat and they ranked for only 678 keywords on the first page of Google. Their organic traffic was averaging 2,500/month when they started their campaign with Agency Jet. They were also outside of the top 10 pages for some of the most searched “EKG”, “ECG” and “Holter” related keywords. Prior to working with Agency Jet, Danlee Medical had an in house marketing employee handling all of their digital marketing efforts. They then had a two year hiatus from online marketing efforts before Agency Jet came along.



The Solution

Agency Jet recognized that a majority of the content on the website was usable and with our expertise in technical SEO, Agency Jet cleaned up page structure through page titles, schema, robots.txt, the sitemap and content refreshes on their most important product pages. Agency Jet also began building high quality backlinks from trade publications, local directories and social media platforms. The original plan for Danlee Medical was to help them increase sales, keyword rankings and traffic with the intention of having them upgrade to a larger SEO plan upon proof of these improvements.

The Results

After five months, Danlee Medical saw a rise in page one keywords to 782. They are also now averaging over 3,100/month in organic visits to the website. Once more, they now rank on page one for dozens of “EKG”, “ECG” and “Holter” keywords. Danlee Medical also noticed a significant increase in online sales in the first six months of working with Agency Jet. Because of the SEO campaign’s success and the increase in sales, Danlee Medical is now focused on modernizing their website. After seeing strong results in the first six months, Danlee Medical also upgraded their SEO plan to include more activity and targeted keywords as planned.
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