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Osterbauer Law Firm is a prominent firm located in Minneapolis serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas via workers compensation and personal injury claims services. Osterbauer has a supreme reputation for getting maximum benefits their clients deserve. They also travel to their clients’ homes or have a taxi service deliver them to the office. Finally, Osterbauer Law doesn’t collect any commissions until you’ve received your benefits.

Goal #1: Lower the total cost and cost per conversion.

Goal #2: Increase number of conversions per month.


The Challenge

Osterbauer Law Firm had employed a different agency to run their Pay-Per-Click campaign and got steady results but did so at high prices. With over $25K a month in ad spend, the client was averaging about 50 lead form fill outs and 25 cases were taken on per month as a result of their campaign.

The Solution

Agency Jet’s goal was to build on these numbers and lower the cost simultaneously. After extensive R & D, campaign clean up, new ad copy and a more targeted approach to the Twin Cities, Agency Jet should be able to significantly lower the monthly cost to the client while maintaining or improving the number of lead form fill outs.

The Results

Because the campaigns were completely redone, the photo comparisons only tell half the story. Within months, Agency Jet lowered the monthly ad spend to an average of $15,000 since taking on the project. Although spend is lower, impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, and form fill outs have all increased under Agency Jet’s care. Osterbauer is also now averaging 30 cases taken on per month as a result of this campaign.
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