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Pro Roller

Over 100% increase to website traffic in 1 year.



Pro Roller signed on with Agency Jet as their first ever dive into digital marketing in the company’s 65 year history. Their primary goals were to adapt to modern times and be found online for their products.

Goal #1: See how much impact SEO can have on website traffic.

Goal #2: To improve ranking on the chosen keywords.


The Challenge

Having never held an initiative in the digital marketing space, Pro Roller was relatively absent from the top pages of Google for their products. Agency Jet’s mission was to make them relevant in the top pages of Google and compete with the likes of Lowes, Menards and Home Depot for paint products.

The Solution

The primary focus was strategy around Pro Roller’s highest margin products and to create unique and relevant content so that search engines could give credit to proroller.com for these important products. Agency Jet crafted unique content on and off the site and produced hundreds of backlinks through article syndication, video creation and local submissions.

The Results

After one year of SEO, Pro Roller saw over 100% increase in their Google organic traffic. Their new sessions increased by 108% and their returning sessions increased by 65% in that time. Furthermore, this traffic was determined high quality as the majority of it came from the United States, which saw 78% on the one year mark of working with Agency Jet. Finally, out of 20 chosen keywords, 19 of them saw a rise to the top pages of Google for Pro Roller at the one year mark.
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