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Joni Walton

“Agency Jet increased our rankings for almost all of our keywords. For at least half of the 50 keywords, we’re in the 1st–3rd position. Although they’re more expensive than I initially anticipated, their work is worth its weight in gold.”

Danlee Medical Products, Inc. is a Certified Women Owned Business Enterprise serving the needs of over 4,000 health-related professionals and their patients globally.

233% growth

in revenue

46% growth

in new visitors

The goals

Danlee Medical is an online shopping cart for medical supplies and up to the point of working with Agency Jet, they’d struggled to scale in revenue and gain online visibility. With a strategic action plan in place, Agency Jet’s mission was to grow the following:


Grow total organic traffic


Improve the quality of website visitor to increase conversion rate and online sales

The SEO plan

Danlee Medical signed up for a national E-Commerce Jet 250 plan, which would focus on their key products like EKG and ECG monitors, cables, electrodes and more.


Primary Keywords

With thousands of products, Agency Jet needed to focus on the high margin items that Danlee Medical sold to gain traction.

Consistent Updating

Aside from new products, Danlee Medical’s website didn’t feature frequent content additions. Agency Jet’s content management would change that.

Old Website

Danlee Medical needed to prove that SEO could work so they could use it to fund a new website design that would be mobile responsive and improve the shopping experience.


Content Control

Writing content exclusively for a set of categories meant Agency Jet could draw in higher quality shoppers to the website, looking for the products the plan was working on.

Google Analytics

Showing the data and KPIs was going to be vital for Danlee Medical to see the campaign’s success and reinvest that success into funding a new modern website.

The results

79% growth

When comparing 2 years of SEO with Agency Jet versus the prior 2 years, Danlee Medical saw their USA traffic grow by 79%. That’s over 60,000 more site visits!

More pages visited

Across the board, Danlee Medical saw more pages visited by their organic visitors. In fact, new organic visitors went to 1.5 more pages on average per session.

Triple the revenue

Revenue grew by 233% as a result of the SEO campaign. Danlee had previously sold $300K in a 2 year period. The 2 year period with Agency Jet resulted in over $1 Million.

186% improvement

New visitors converted into sales only 0.73% of the time prior to working with Agency Jet. Two years into the campaign, new visitors converted into sales 2.09% of the time.

New website funding

Through the massive growth that Danlee Medical experienced, they had the capital to fund a new, modern website design that would respond to all screens and build conversions.

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