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VP of Sales
Kim Anderson

“Before starting this project, Agency Jet took the time to come to our facility and learn more about our business. That way, they could talk about our products in an intelligent way without us constantly rewriting their material. I can’t say that any other SEO company that has approached us has done that same level of preparation.”

Howard Precision Metals has been in business for over 90 years and is one of the premier aluminum suppliers in the United States.

87% organic growth

over 4 years

91% growth

in new organic visitors

The goals

Howard Precision has stellar name recognition but prior to working with Agency Jet, they’d never exceed 2,300 organic users in a month. The goal was simple get more eyes on the website using white hat SEO techniques. Here’s how it was to be accomplished:


Focus on gaining an upwards trend on primary keywords to Howard’s business


Institute long form blog content to be seen as a resource in the industry

The SEO plan

Howard Precision joined Agency Jet on a national SEO plan in hopes of hitting page one for their key products like Mic 6, 7075 Aluminum and more.



There needed to be more growth in key areas. Howard Precision picked phrases where they wanted to see the most growth nationwide.

Grow Organic

Having never exceeded 2,300 monthly organic visits, Howard Precision was interested in steady growth.

Web Performance

Due to a complex ERP system, Howard Precision knew that bounce rates would rise and that the website wouldn’t be redesigned right away. Therefore more eyes were key to make up the difference in lesser website performance.


Reporting & Calls

To achieve steady growth, Agency Jet made sure Howard Precision got custom reports to their inbox and explained complex verbiage on recorded monthly calls.

Increase Conversion

Knowing the bounce rates would go up as new people saw the site, Agency Jet added a custom long-form content package to rank Howard for very specific terms and increase conversions.

The results

Almost double

Since Howard Precision’s been working with Agency Jet, their new organic users have gone up 91%.

65% USA growth

Howard Precision was looking to grow their brand in the USA to people who hadn’t hear them before. They’ve seen a 65% rise in organic USA traffic.

Record breaking sales

Howard Precision’s been with Agency Jet since 2017. They had record breaking sales in 2018, then they broke that in 2019, then in 2020 and in 2021 they broke their previous record again.


Having never exceeded 2,300 monthly organic visitors prior to working with Agency Jet, Howard Precision is now averaging over 5,000 visitors/month.

114% growth

Howard Precision now sees new organic users contact them over twice as often as they had prior to working with Agency Jet.

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