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Robert Scalia

“I can’t argue with the positive results of their work, especially if I compared where we were at the beginning and where we're sitting right now. I can search for our keywords, and they’re really on the first page — Agency Jet is not hiding anything, and we’re paying to see improvement. They've done everything I've asked them to do.”

iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services is a local payroll company established in 1997 located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

570% growth

in Google impressions

200+ new

page 1 keywords

The goals

When iComp Payroll came on board, they were only getting traffic for their brand name. Agency Jet’s mission was to get them to page 1 for their key services in under a year. Here’s the goals that would make that happen:


Start with long tail key services in the Twin Cities area


Be agile. When keywords hit top spot, solidify them then go after more difficult phrases.

The SEO plan

iComp Payroll came on board with a regional plan to target the Twin Cities. Predicting the future, Agency Jet told iComp that if they cornered the Twin Cities market, there’d be room to grow nationally.



iComp only had rankings on <20 keywords. The majority of those were non-branded. Agency Jet put its initial focus on service oriented terms.

Start Detailed

The key to quick growth was getting iComp from outside the top 100 rankings in Google to #1 quickly via long-tail keywords. These phrases would have competitive keywords embedded in them.

Monthly Reporting

Recorded monthly calls were a huge part of this campaign. iComp’s owner wanted to filled into the campaign’s progress and walk away with clear, collaborative action items.



Agency Jet knew that if iComp could rank for detailed key phrases quickly, they’d then have a foundation to work on tougher phrases and surpass iComp’s competitors.

National Intention

While iComp came on for a regional plan, Agency Jet had full intention of hitting all the local targets to allow an easy transition into a national SEO plan.

The results

10X page 1 results

iComp started with <20 results in Google’s top 100. Not only did they get 10X more keywords in the top 100 but they actually ranked on page 1 for over 200 phrases at the 1 year mark.

322X more

iComp’s #1 service is “payroll services for small business”. In the first 6 months, iComp got 70 impressions for this keyword. By the end of year 1 they had over 22,000.

Regional to national

iComp ranked on page 1 for over 100 non-branded terms 9 months in and transitioned from a regional plan to a national plan soon after.


Before working with Agency Jet, iComp had never exceeded 125 impressions/day. 1 year in, they’re averaging 6,000+ daily impressions.

<10 to 130+

iComp was only on page one of Google for branded terms at the start. After 1 year they exceed 130 page one Google rankings.

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