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Joe Osterbauer

“My previous budget has come down drastically, as I had a few companies working on all aspects digital. Now working with Agency Jet I not only have saved money, but time as well”

Osterbauer Law Firm represents people and their families in many types of legal matters and specializes in Personal Injury as well as Workers’ Compensation Claims out of their Minneapolis office.


growth in conversions

5X better


The goals

Osterbauer Law Firm started working with Agency Jet in August of 2018 after having entrusted their Google Ads work to other entities for numerous years. The goals were simple, increase conversions while lowering cost.


Lower monthly ad spend by making campaigns more efficient


Grow monthly conversions

The Google Ads plan

Osterbauer had previously hired freelancers and smaller companies to manage their Ads. Agency Jet’s professional Google Ads management would focus on making changes daily, not monthly, to increase the campaigns’ efficiency.



The previous managers had Ads showing up internationally even though Osterbauer Law only practiced in the state of Minnesota.


With so little changes happening on their campaign, Osterbauer was wasting money on ads that would never convert.


The previous handlers never thought to emphasize the importance of landing page conversion, making it difficult for people to contact Osterbauer.


Minnesota Only

Having ads only show up in Minnesota only, Agency Jet was able to cut the normal Google Ad spend in half within 60 days.

Landing Pages

Ads were now directed to custom-made landing pages by Agency Jet to increase the likelihood a visitor would convert.

The results

5X lower Cost/Conv

It used to cost Osterbauer almost $1000 to get a lead, since Agency Jet started, leads cost < $160

296% better

Conversion rate has almost tripled in Agency Jet’s care due to expert targeting and a local approach.

20% less cost

Due to the efficient nature of Agency Jet’s plan, Osterbauer saw conversions triple, all while saving over $120K in the process.

3.8 Million Impressions

Osterbauer’s digital footprint grew by 3.8 million impressions, all while lowering spend to Google.

288% better value

Conversion value has increased by 288% under Agency Jet’s watch, meaning CPC, Cost/Conv. and more will continue to improve every month.

Want to get results as good as these?

Osterbauer Law got one of these assessments for free, you can too!