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Colby Wegter
Partner + SEO Director

Colby Wegter is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), customer service and digital marketing.

He is a founding member, partner and SEO Director at Agency Jet. His vision is to assist the company’s clients, providing them with a comprehensive education focusing on digital marketing strategies that can help them achieve their goals in the online space.

As a dedicated and driven professional in his industry, Colby boasts impressive ethics, working tirelessly to achieve goals and provide the best results in any given scenario. He is an efficient go-getter, but he also understands the vital importance of teamwork, and is always keen on collaborating, listening and innovating.

With over ten years of experience dealing with customers in various capacities, Colby knows how to relate to people and offer them the best possible experience. In addition to his customer service expertise, Colby is highly valued for his knowledge of SEO, web design, social networking, social media marketing and other marketing 2.0 techniques.

When not busy working, Colby is an avid lover of writing, reading, experiencing new culture through food + travel and brewing his own beer.



Love digital marketing strategy
900+ clients served
Avid reader
Will try any food or drink
  • Food: NYC Cheese Slice
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Artist: Hemingway
  • TV Show: Mad Men
  • Place: Milwaukee



1. The only way to fix a problem is focusing on what you can control.

2. Consider the alternative.


Over 900 marketing clients served and counting
Extensive SEO experience, digital reputation, marketing 2.0 strategy and client retention

Years of experience

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