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Darrin Gerr
CEO / Navigator

Along with his trusted team members, Darrin is entirely dedicated to providing high-quality services to help his clients channel the full potential of their brands. Agency Jet specializes in SEO, Social Media, Web Design, and a lot more.

With a very hands-on attitude and a strong passion for innovation, Darrin has always been interested in the possibilities of digital marketing. His vision is not only to provide excellent services but also to educate and inform his clients and his co-workers to continually remain up-to-date in such a competitive, fast-paced world.

Darrin has an extensive business consulting pedigree and has successfully transformed not only clients’ businesses but his own. Some of his former exploits involve being the top salesman in the northeast US of cochlear hearing implants, inventing a product and being featured on Good Morning America and building a digital marketing firm from tens of clients and five employees to hundreds of clients and 30+ employees in two years.

Darrin profoundly values transparency and the power of knowledge, and his personal life and career are based on such values. Firmly believing that success depends on a strong team, Darrin handpicked a crew of talented co-workers to help him drive his vision and serve his customers in the best possible way. As the company’s Navigator, he is the mastermind behind the policies and philosophy of the firm as a whole, with a strong focus on pursuing constant improvement and new expansion opportunities to leave a deeper mark on the market.



Poker is my mental yoga
Love to see others succeed
My daughter is amazing
A true teacher at heart
  • Food: Scallops
  • Hobby: Sports Collectibles
  • Artist: Train
  • TV Show: Breaking Bad
  • Office: Las Vegas / Dallas



Personal wealth is: do the right things for others and life will reward us.


Lifelong Entrepreneur
I have successfully turned around or started 6 companies with better profits, culture and processes and there's no end in sight.

Years of experience

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