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Hazel Bucher
Client Strategist

Hazel Bucher was raised in a family that was always interested in new technology, they quickly developed a passion for the digital world and the opportunities it offered. They like to joke that they were born with a computer right in front of them.

Their first career position out of schooling was with a local SEO content team that taught them the value of digital marketing. Through this team, they built and developed countless campaigns for a wide range of industries. But, being a constant learner, they wanted to really grasp what they wanted to do in life.

Throughout their life, they’ve serviced clients and friends as a salesperson, a travel agent, and even a licensed banker. Now, with over five years of experience in digital marketing, they have made it their mission to fulfill their clients through Agency Jet with a focus on clear communication and understanding.

Outside of the office, Hazel enjoys building their own computers, traveling to other countries, and watching movies.

Hazel - Profile - Agency Jet


Born in SoCal
Nonbinary (They/Them)
Loves to travel with friends
Prefers to travel via train
  • Book: Amber
  • Movie: Treasure Planet
  • Artist: Nightwish
  • Hobby: Computers
  • Office: Las Vegas



To bring my client’s vision into reality


Customer Success
  • 7+ years in the sale industry
  • 3+ years in SEO
  • A wide array of interests including travel and technology

Years of experience

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