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Julie Davison
Director of Client strategy

Julie has seen the world of business ownership defined with two types of people, those that know their direction and ask for help when needed and those that need help but don't know next steps; they need full guidance and support. Julie has seen business consulting defined numerous ways over the years. Is it people helping people or those that have their own motivations to pave the way to their own success instead of the success of the client?

With two decades of business and leadership coaching, her view is radically different. Julie is passionate about business and shares with her clients that business health requires a ‘big picture’ vision.


Crazy about my kids
Currently binging GBBS
Die hard Vikings Fan
Love to bake
  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Crocheting
  • Artist: Foo Fighters
  • TV Show: Survivor
  • Office: Milwaukee



Making sure you get more of the right clients engaging with your company at the right time


Business Consulting
I educate and guide business owners on the benefits and strategies of SEO marketing by assessing individual business websites and website traffic with the goal of education and optimization.

Years of experience

18's something that's great and free

We're talking about our assessment that's chock full of information and guided to give you all the context you need about where your company's website stands.

There’s no sales pitch included. We’re just big on gifting valuable stuff.