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Martina Ceppi

Martina joins Agency Jet as a Project Manager based in Argentina with experience accomplishing demanding projects in a fast-paced multinational environment.

She brings a distinctive skill set towards managing resources and timelines and adapting to changing circumstances.

As someone who is passionate about people and cultures, Martina strives to understand her clients' expectations and provide exceptional customer service throughout the process.



Certified professional coach
Avid reader of self help books
Fluent in English and Spanish
Mate fanatic (South American drink)
  • Food: Asado
  • Hobby: Singing
  • Artist: Coldplay
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Office: Kansas City



Asking the right questions to understand what the client actually needs.


Design and Development
Experience working in a team with diverse cultures. Multitasker and great organizational skills. Always willing to learn and explore new ideas.

Years of experience

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