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Paula Jacobs
Lead Account Manager

Paula Jacobs, an SEO and digital marketing expert, understands how to reach, and more importantly, speak with people in today’s ever-changing online environment. 

Having started in a traditional advertising agency in the 90s as a production manager who coordinated print, radio, television, and collateral marketing, she saw the writing on the wall (actually, on her Macintosh SE computer screen) and taught herself web development and design to compete in that digital age.

She then established her own business to raise her daughter while doing what she knows and loves. For 10 years, she helped local nonprofits and small businesses increase their online presence to maximize their reach and ROI. She then transitioned to working with big brands and digital agencies, giving her an understanding of what it’s like to be on both sides of the digital marketing aisle.

Today, Paula uses her experience to educate and guide clients in the right direction within digital marketing. She prides herself on communication and explaining exactly what she is doing to help clients improve their search engine optimization and online marketing visibility. In other words, she truly believes in Agency Jet’s motto of transparency, education and results.

While her passion is SEO, Paula has 18+ years of digital marketing experience and understands better than most just how connected each digital channel is to another. From SEM, email, re-marketing, content, and affiliate marketing, she utilizes all aspects of online marketing to achieve meaningful, long-lasting results.

Paula’s Mission: To Level the Playing Field and Pave the Way to Your Online Success.



Animal Advocate
Poker Player
Moose Lodge Member
Laughs at her
own Jokes
  • Food: Grilled Steak
  • Hobby:  Home Renovations
  • Artist: The Police / Sting
  • TV Show: Forensic File
  • Office: Milwaukee



To help level the playing field so everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.


Helping businesses succeed through online marketing driving search traffic and revenue to websites.

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