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How to Find the Right Las Vegas SEO Consultant

Do you own a small business in Las Vegas? Sin City is famous for shotgun marriages, clubs, casinos, and entertainment.


The popularity of these sectors has given rise to many other businesses in real estate, tech, and property management. These, and other industries, continue to flourish in the City of Lights, according to Biz Guide.


Whichever sector your small business is in, you are in for a lot of competition. Las Vegas may be the City of Second chances, but you only get one shot at making a first impression on your clients.


When it comes to making your site and content visible, SEO is the way to go. Based on recent industry figures, more than 60% of anything done online begins with a search. For this reason, you can stand to benefit from the power of search engines — whether you are in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada.


SEO can lead to more views and conversions without the investment required for PPCs. Search Engine Journal would say SEO is more effective, by comparison. But, how do you look for a Las Vegas SEO consultant?


Here are several things to look for in a Las Vegas SEO consultant!


#1. A Track Record


Finding the best Las Vegas SEO consultant for you begins with seeking an agency’s track record. You need to do this to determine early whether or not it can get you the results you want.


Doing research on a Las Vegas SEO consultant’s past success should not be difficult. If it is, it can mean that there are no mentions of the company — on the company’s site or elsewhere.


This ought to be a red flag, barring other advantages the company has. In any case, what you are looking for are:

  • Reviews on Google
  • Case studies containing before and after facts
  • Length of time in the industry


All the above-mentioned and more should be easy to find on the company’s site. You can also check out the “About Us” section to find out more about the company.


#2. Services That Fit Your Specific Needs


As a company, your business needs will differ from those of others — even from those within the same industry or niche. In searching for a Las Vegas SEO consultant, you need to check service offerings that cater to your specific business needs.


For instance, do not hire a company that specializes in small business SEO if you have already scaled after years of marketing. Conversely, think twice about enlisting the services of a large SEO company if you are a start-up.


Different companies are likely to have different processes based on the area in which they specialize. For this reason, pick a company that specializes in what you need or one that offers services you need.


Here is another tip:


Look for a company that can give you something extra on top of SEO services or packages. After all, your business site may need other tweaks outside content optimization. It may be a good idea to go with a company that offers services other than Las Vegas SEO.


#3. Affordability


According to Search Engine Journal’s statistics, SEO has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Many companies are popping up left and right. To get the most bang for your buck, you may need to compare prices.


You may not have a problem paying a little extra for services. In fact, in an ideal scenario, this would be the case. However, for most small businesses, the marketing budget can be a limiting factor.


If this is the case with you, go for a company that offers affordable SEO services. For the most part, companies that offer competitive SEO prices are SEO consultants who cater to startups. Other than startups, these same companies likely cater to local companies.


Small business SEO and local SEO often cost less compared to national or international SEO. Hence, seek out companies that offer small business SEO to local startups like yours if you own a small business in this part of Nevada.


#4. Freebies


Few things come for free nowadays. Therefore, a Las Vegas SEO consultant that offers some free services may have something valuable to offer following a paid subscription.


A free service allows you to determine the capabilities of the SEO consultant you are choosing. Think of it as the company’s way of telling you to try them free of commitments. Companies that offer free services are usually confident in the quality of their work.


What free services do SEO companies offer? As a disclaimer, do not expect a full-blown SEO campaign. Nor should you expect a top-to-bottom overhaul of your technical SEO without you breaking out your checkbook.


Rather, most services that are free of charge come in the form of diagnostics or assessment. In other words, SEO consultants can provide free services in the form of free site assessments or site audits.


A free site audit done by an experienced SEO consultant will yield most of the problems your site or content has. Once the audit’s data is available, the rest is up to you. You can choose to go with another company or retain the one who made your audit.


#5. A Brick-and-Mortar Location


Lastly, a Las Vegas SEO consultant with a physical location can make life easier for you. By being a drive or commute away, a Las Vegas SEO consultant can be accessible. This makes transactions and inquiries hassle-free.


In addition to convenience, there is one more advantage with hiring a Las Vegas SEO consultant with a physical location. A physical office in a prime location like Flamingo Road is a sign that the SEO company you are looking at is:

  • Legitimate
  • Reputed
  • Wants to be accessible to you

Are You Looking for the Best Las Vegas SEO Consultant?


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