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Las Vegas is one of the most dynamic locales in the entire United States and Agency Jet is here as the dynamic and cutting edge digital marketing agency to help small and medium-sized businesses with their search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), website design and development and social media optimization. Founded in 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Agency Jet has quickly expanded into 5 cities nationwide with our Las Vegas office being the newest addition.

We've helped hundreds of companies in dozens of industries increase visibility to their brand and websites with world-class SEO services and we can help you too!

Not only are we experts in digital marketing, our team has a wealth of business consulting experience. Interested in some free info for your company?


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What is Las Vegas SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing a website so it ranks highly on popular search engines like Google, BING, and Yahoo. SEO plays an imperative role in helping your company website get found by potential customers and its sole mission is to increase the quality and quantity of traffic coming into your website from search engines. By doing so, you should see your bottom line increase with more brand awareness and inbound marketing leads.

SEO can be implemented on a local, regional, national, or international level. Most small and medium-sized business owners focused on Las Vegas SEO efforts will have a local or regional strategy. A local SEO strategy focuses on a smaller area (within 50 miles of your storefront) and is implemented to increase awareness to your brand, more visibility for your website in Google Maps and more foot traffic to your door.

What’s the importance of hiring a Las Vegas SEO expert for your business?

Many business owners are convinced that professional SEO services in Las Vegas will cost their business an exorbitant amount of money. This belief causes them to want to handle SEO themselves.

However, SEO done by someone who has no experience in search engine optimization is a huge risk and hiring an agency is actually more cost effective than you think.

SEO Services From Professionals Save You Money

Hiring for SEO Las Vegas, NV isn't as expensive as you may think. Agency Jet can work with any client regardless of their budget.


SEO is 23 times more cost effective than traditional marketing


Can you really afford not to hire SEO services?

DIY SEO Is Extremely Challenging

SEO includes several areas of digital marketing, such as backlinking on high authority sites, keyword analysis and strategy, content marketing, reputation management, technical optimization, user-experience testing and more and it can be extremely challenging to implement an effective SEO strategy without expertise in the area. These areas of marketing take different sets of skills that can take years to acquire and perfect. When you hire a Las Vegas SEO company, like Agency Jet, you receive access to a team of experts who have mastered these skills over the last 10 years.

What many business owners who try DIY SEO don't factor in is the sheer number of changes that occur to Google's algorithm on a weekly basis. Not only does the algorithm change, Google Guidelines display over 200 touchpoints (known as ranking factors) that are required to see your company website be successful in ranking. So is SEO less expensive if you do it yourself? Arguably it will require more work and time from you than if you hired a Las Vegas digital marketing agency at an affordable price.

Why Trust Agency Jet with Your Las Vegas Local Search Engine Optimization?

Our stats do all the talking for us:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • Our team has helped over 500+ companies, big and small
  • We maintain a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating on customer review sites
  • Agency Jet maintains a 96.2% client retention rate
  • Over 2,500 website assessments completed

We also pride ourselves on our:


Ever hire a company that records every single virtual meeting, provides every login they ever use for you and has a completely transparent dashboard where you can see activity and results all in one place 24/7? Then you haven't worked with Agency Jet. The reason we hold such high client retention is because we show you absolutely everything. Here are some of the most important things we do that display our transparency:

  • Monthly calls are standard and recorded
  • We go in-depth on your reports and Google Analytics, showing you the good and the bad (although the bad doesn't happen often)
  • Everything we create is considered owned by you, so we don't hold you hostage if you decide to cease working with us. In fact, we're the only agency (that we know of) that helps you transition to a new agency if it happens within 60 days of your cancellation. In other words, we're not bitter. We only want to work with clients who continue to find value in our service.


Because the work is complicated, many SEO companies fail to educate their clients on what it is that makes their work effective. We're not like that. We take time and care with each client, regardless of skill level, and explain to them our work in detail and in ways that are easy to understand.

Remember that we are one of the most transparent companies you'll ever work with. We use Basecamp as a tool to communicate and we send weekly and monthly reports direct to your inbox, we provide heatmaps, confetti reports, scrollmaps, SEMrush reports, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, KPIs, lead form tracking, call tracking, reputation management and dozens of other value added features.

Why is education part of our mantra? Because we believe that the more our clients know about our inner-workings and the more they understand the terms of our industry, the more they'll make suggestions, ask the right questions and push the results even further.


We wouldn't be a very successful SEO company in Las Vegas if we didn't get results for our clients. When it comes down to it, we hold high client retention because we're continuously providing value to our clients every single month. Did you know the average SEO contract for other agencies is less than 6 months? Our average client has been around for 22 months. Why? Because we're always providing value, pushing the strategy further, increasing visibility to our clients' websites in search engines and helping clients increase their bottom line through world-class digital marketing services.

Working with us is also risk-free as we are one of the only companies specializing in SEO in the United States who will refund your research and development fee if you don't see an upwards trend in keyword rankings and organic traffic by your fourth month of working with us.


Check out how we helped a Missouri company increase their traffic by over 100% multiple years in a row.


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What does buying SEO services in Las Vegas look like?

With over 230 digital marketing companies in the Las Vegas area, it can be difficult to find the right SEO company to work with. How do you choose the right one? The right agency will be an investment, while the wrong one will be a mistake. So, it's essential to choose wisely. We suggest using the following guidelines:

  1. Search them in Google: If you're not finding the agency when searching for things like "seo services Las Vegas" you probably shouldn't be working with them. They need to be top of the heap themselves if they are to be effective for you.

  2. Check out their reviews: Don't work with a company until you know what other people are saying about them.  Agency Jet maintains a 4.9 out of 5.0 star rating on Clutch, UpCity and Google.

  3. View their case studies: If case studies don't exist on their site, run. They should have clear displays of success for their clients. Make sure the company you're looking to buy SEO services from in Las Vegas has testimonials and case studies directly on their site.

  4. Get a free website assessment: You deserve to receive an evaluation of your website to know where you stand. Many agencies will charge you for a website assessment but the truly great agencies offer these assessments for free. When you you receive the assessment, don't only treat is as an opportunity to learn more about your site but as an opportunity to vet the agency who's providing it.

  5. Talk to references: Want unbiased opinions on the company? Ask for a reference list. Agencies who balk at giving you one would be considered a red flag and not worth working with. Ask references the tough questions to make sure you're making a good decision.

  6. Get a glimpse at their tools: In many ways an agency is only as good as the tools they are using. Get a full walkthrough of the agency's dashboard, how they'll be sending reports to you and how they'll be judging whether the campaign is successful using these tools.


Our Mantra


Client First - Employee Second - Investor Third


If our clients are successful, we will be too. That’s why we make every decision with the client in mind.


Agency Jet sees every client as a partner in the digital space. But we don't just work with clients to collect money from them. We provide world-class service at affordable prices so we can help improve the bottom lines of our clients. If our clients see growth, Agency Jet will continue to work with them and by doing so, we continue our sterling record of client retention and succeed as a company ourselves. That makes it a no brainer for us; put the client first every time and we'll be just fine. We know we can help you grow your business. Let us show you all that we can do for you!

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