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6 Shortcuts to Affordable SEO for Lawyers

The field of law firms can be a lucrative business in itself. What’s possibly stopping your business from thriving is the competition in your immediate location. Fortunately, there are easy shortcuts you can take to make your business known to more people and make yourself stand out. All you need to know is how to make the internet work in your favor.


In this article, we will teach you some of the easiest, most helpful tips to improve your online presence and local Las Vegas SEO visibility without breaking the bank.


1. Add Google Analytics to Your Company Site


Google Analytics is a type of technical SEO tool that lets you analyze your website data in-depth. If you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically assists with improving the flow of traffic to websites through increasing a site’s visibility in search engines.


All you have to do is to indicate the URL of your business website and you’re good to go. The tool can help you gain access to helpful insights for optimizing your website, such as popular keywords, content score, lead generation, and layout concerns.


2. Run Your Site Through the Speed Test


Running your site through various speed test tools can help you determine your website’s loading speed. It’s important to determine this because it can significantly contribute to your SEO score. If your website is loading fast, there is a higher chance that more people will click and stay to see what your website is all about. When this happens, organic traffic goes up, thus contributing to your site’s total SEO score.


When your local Las Vegas SEO score goes up, your chances of appearing on top of search engine results increase as well. When potential site visitors can easily see your website because of relevant search terms, you will eventually get more people to inquire about your services, which can ultimately lead to more closed deals in the future.


3. Run Your Site Through the Mobile Test


Running your website through numerous mobile testing tools will help you determine if your business website is compatible with different devices. Nowadays, people prefer to use their phones for browsing instead of using a desktop. This is especially true if they’re only planning to browse for a bit. You therefore need to make sure that they can see your images, read your articles, and click on your call-to-action buttons without encountering any issues. Once they encounter any problems with these three, it may be difficult for you to get them as leads, especially if they are easily turned off by such things.


A lot of people who are in need of lawyers usually have their minds fully occupied and their schedules full. Therefore, you have to make sure that their mobile browsing experience is seamless and worth their while.


4. Add Call Tracking


Call tracking shows you the sources of your leads and gives you an idea of where most of your potential clients are from. This will give you helpful data on the number of people who need your services in a specific area. Knowing this will also give you a hint on how to address distance-related concerns if there are any.


If you discover an area with a significant number of people looking for your services, you can further boost your advertising for that demographic. In the long run, this will help you spend your advertising budget efficiently. You don’t even have to worry about wasting funds because this increases the chance that someone from that area will pay for what you have to offer.


After determining the ideal location through call tracking, you may look for your potential market using a phone directory. In this regard, you may opt to make some cold calls to offer your services. Make sure to audit the cold calls from time to time, especially if you are not the one making them. This will help you determine if the spiels used are good enough to close deals. This will also help you determine if your calls are informative enough for the buyers that they will eventually close a deal with you.


In auditing, list down the strengths and weaknesses of your calls. From there, further reinforce all strengths to bring in more sales. Also determine how to remedy weaknesses so they will not hinder you and your staff from getting more leads in the future.


You may consider sending your prospects marketing emails to let them know that you’re ready to do business with them. Aside from these, you may focus your marketing strategies on social media networks and concentrate it on these locations. This will help you get more leads once they start responding to your advertisement.


5. Get a Free Website Assessment


There are various experts and SEO tools that can help you get the assessment done. A lot of companies offer these services, but it is wise to first check any reviews to ensure you are getting the most reliable data.


For really in-depth analysis, have your website assessed by multiple companies with good reviews. Note all your findings from these resources, then list down their suggestions for future implementation. Make a schedule with your team that mainly focuses on improving your online presence.


If your problem has something to do with content, assign staff that can create articles and other relevant resources to populate your website with. If the main issue is your layout, assign your developers to improve your design to help boost your Las Vegas SEO score. If you’re having trouble with loading speed, determine ways to improve this through other relevant tools. Seek the help of experts in this department if you have the means to do so.


6. Hire a Professional SEO Agency


Hiring a professional SEO agency like us can help you cut back on most of the work you need to do. You may simply assign the tasks to us and you’re good to go. From content creation to keyword research and generation, most SEO agencies can help you every step of the way.


Before starting this project, discuss in detail what your SEO-related goal is. You should also determine the budget you’ll be allotting for this project. This will help them easily gauge the amount of work they can do for you.


Another important factor to discuss is the timeline for the entire project. You need to let them know when you need your website to be fixed. Ideally, it should be completed before the next major change in search engine algorithms.


If the major modification is just a few weeks or days away, you may consider starting the SEO project right after the update. This will help provide the SEO company at least three to six months to work on renovating your business website. This is the usual timeframe that search engine developers take before they launch the next major algorithm update. It’s important for you to know this because these changes can cause a hit to your Las Vegas SEO score if not followed.


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