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Is the Best Local SEO Strategy for Your Franchise Business to Target Each Location Separately?

If you own a franchise business, it seems easier to create one page and curate the content for all locations.


However, as you will soon learn, bundling everything into a single offer is very ineffective and highly discouraged for franchise SEO.


Whether you own physical stores in each location or merely serve them, it is essential to target your markets separately, especially if you eye local customers.


Trusted companies offering franchise SEO services also focus on optimizing every aspect of the experience for each target location. Here's more on effective franchise SEO and how to market for local customers in all your sites.


Local SEO vs Organic SEO


The intent is the main difference between general and local SEO services.


Essentially, searches that include keyword plus location show the intent for location-specific results. Local SEO focuses on optimizing the business for local customers and searches.


This requires understanding local search dynamics, including the most successful strategies, based on the demographics that emerge.


Organic SEO is more about optimizing the website for search engine result pages (SERPs) in general. They share a lot in terms of quality consistency, using high-converting keywords and SEO's inherent benefits.


However, local SEO targets customers from a specific location, optimizing their language, search tactics, and other crucial determinants.


Why You Should Target Each Location Separately


White hat local SEO aims to find high-converting leads and regional customers for the business.


Up to 70% of online searches result in visiting local stores and many people research options on the internet to find the closest stores that can guarantee the desired quality.


Location-specific searches and those containing "near me" have also multiplied over the past decade.



With more customers looking for local solutions, investing in local SEO should be an easy decision, especially if you own a franchise. You also need a unique SEO strategy for local business in each location.


Here's why:


a) Increase Local Traffic


Citation building, guest blogging, local ads and other local SEO activities increase site visibility and traffic from SERPs.


Up to 18% of online searches result in actual store visits, so you have a chance to target customers in your locality.


Greater visibility will increase foot traffic to your store, especially if you have a growing reputation for premium products and services. This translates into more sales, service customers and revenue for the business.


b) Local Reputation


You can increase brand awareness and position your business as a trusted solution for specific challenges. If you have valuable solutions for your customers, Local SEO can build your reputation among local customers, the predication you need to grow your brand in the global market.


Proper content marketing and link building will ensure relevance as you optimize the site for targeted traffic. Reputation management also increases prominence and trust in your business.


c) Reduced Advertising Costs


Most brick-and-mortar stores rely on purchases made by customers visiting the outlet. Online marketing also increases foot traffic to the store, but it is essential to target the right groups.


The goal is to appear first for relevant searches, particularly from local customers, with a high likelihood of visiting your store.


Local SEO prevents you from investing in broad-spectrum organic SEO, which has little impact on sales if you target store visits from the local clientele.


d) Keep Up with The Local Competition


Local SEO should take your business to Google's 3-Pack, which refers to the three most relevant sites displayed for searches related to your business. SEO also increases visibility in Google Maps, which has a separate ranking inside SERPs.


Without proper local franchise SEO, you will be missing in local search results. This can hurt your sales, even if you have better products than competitors. Local SEO can also result in partnerships and alliances with your competition.


Local SEO Tips


Although targeting each location separately will result in more success, not all local business SEO strategies you come across are reliable. You should review your unique needs and optimize the business for the specific target markets.


Essentially, you need to identify the high-converting markets to target first. Here are some local SEO tips for small businesses:

  • List all your locations in Google Maps and each franchise in Yelp. You should also link the business to GPS devices.
  • Optimize website content with location-based keywords and geo-specific language for each targeted location.
  • Seek to achieve brand consistency across your franchise locations, so customers can know it is the same business.
  • Use location-specific schema and markup for each location.
  • Curate and promote local reviews, encouraging customers to leave feedback for the different locations.
  • Follow strategies from top firms and franchise SEO experts.


Professional Franchise SEO Services in Minneapolis


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