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sidekick - case study


SideKick Inc., Advanced Document Services is a privately owned and operated document management company in Minnesota. SideKick operates with the intention of providing local Minnesota companies with high-quality document management solutions and friendly service at competitive prices. Prior to working with Agency Jet, they had never worked with a digital marketing provider.

Goal #1: To increase visibility to the website through keyword rankings and local targeting

Goal #2: To improve the website’s conversion rate with a modern designs


The Challenge (SEO)

SideKick already had a strong presence online, even with an outdated site, due to the lack of competition in the Twin Cities area. The main challenge for Agency Jet was to increase the placements of total keywords and improve the rankings for keywords that they had on page one or near page one.

The Challenge (Web Design)

As seen from their old website, SideKick’s website was difficult to use and not set up for conversion. The main goal was to get SideKick competing with their competitors from a visual and performance perspective in the Twin Cities area. The website was also not responsive and it was big priority to make it respond to all screens as mobile views had increased by 65% in the year leading up to the website launch.


The Solution (SEO)

The plan was two pronged. Local citation building was a key part of Agency Jet’s plan to increase SideKick’s visibility in Minnesota for document scanning and document management solutions. Over 300 backlinks from websites with DA over 30 have been created for SideKick to date with over 120 of those coming from local directory sites.

The other prong of improving SideKick’s already solid online reputation, was targeting keywords systematically by geo location. Agency Jet focused on “Minneapolis” keywords, then “St. Paul” keywords, then “Twin Cities” keywords and finally “Minnesota” keywords. By approaching these one at a time based on population, Agency Jet was able to place multiple listings on page one for important keywords to SideKick.

The Solution (Web Design)

Agency Jet outfitted the website for conversion. The menu navigation features a fixed “Get A Quote” button, the header offers a “10% off” feature via a whiteboard video (also created by Agency Jet), and there is a review widget in the bottom left where past clients can leave reviews directly on the site. The website is also completely responsive.

The Results (SEO)

The two pronged approach resulted in an increase in page one geo keywords by 400%. With 10 page one results before Agency Jet started, SideKick ranked for 40+ keywords on page one in the Twin Cities area (many of those pages with multiple listings in the organic results and mapped listings) at the termination of their contract with Agency Jet. The termination of the contract was mutually agreed because all targets had been hit.

The Results (Web Design)

Since the website has launched, it’s seen a 76% increase in conversions for their quote request form, a 55% increase in contact form fill outs, and visits to both the contact and quote page have increased.


SideKick and Agency Jet worked together from March of 2017 to May 2019 for their local campaign. SideKick has since come back as of December 2019 to work on a hyper-focused national campaign for one of their product lines and they are currently an Agency Jet client once more.

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