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Using a WordPress Website Design Company to Boost Your SEO

Over 60 million people and businesses, including The New York Times, WSJ Magazine, CNN, and Mashable, use WordPress to power their websites or blogs. The reason why this software has become the go-to publishing platform on the web is its security, ease-of-use, accessibility, and performance. In fact, WordPress accounts for 29% of all websites worldwide.


The WordPress design experts at Agency Jet know precisely how to design, build, and launch beautiful and functional WordPress websites for our clients nationwide. Not only will your website reflect your brand and your mission, but it will also feature your products and services in a way that will drive sales and conversions.


None of this is possible, however, without optimizing your website to be found on the web. This is one of the crucial components of our services here at Agency Jet, and we harness the power of WordPress to rank for the keywords and phrases that will drive prospective clients to your website. Below, we’ll discuss what search engine optimization is and how our team will use WordPress to make sure that your clients can find you online.


What is SEO?


SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the efforts that businesses and marketers take to enhance the visibility of their website in search engines. While Google remains the dominant player in web-search today, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and others still have countless active users seeking products and services on a daily basis. By optimizing your website for search, you’ll be sending signals to the search engine’s algorithm that your website should appear for specific relevant searches.



For example, if you are a dentist in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you’ll likely want people who are searching for “best dentist in Minneapolis” to find you, right? Well, sending the right signals to the search engine is the way to make that happen.


While it is possible for your site to appear for your desired keywords or key phrases by taking advantage of paid search, these efforts can be quite costly compared to ranking your website in the “organic” results.


It’s essential to consider the typical person’s behavior when searching for a product or service online. When they search for something using Google, Bing, or another search engine - they are typically going to click on websites that appear highest on the search result list. Studies show that the first page of Google search results accounts for 95% of all web traffic.


But even search engines need a little help. As advanced as Google is, the search engine doesn’t inherently know how to rank every website that comes up. Optimizing your website by following industry best-practices helps Google and other search engines rank your website higher than other similar pages. “Good” SEO takes quite a bit of effort, from making sure your site is accessible to the search engines’ bots, to the speed of loading and user experience, to the quality of content on the website, and the types of external links that are pointing to your pages. It takes an expert to understand and optimize a website effectively, which is why so many business owners and others have turned to Agency Jet for help.


Why WordPress?


For many SEO experts, using WordPress is vital because Google and other search engines tend to rank WordPress results higher than websites built on other platforms because of its standard compliance coding and use of semantic markups. Basically, this means that WordPress inherently generates code that works for SEO better than other website creation tools.


One of the best things that WordPress offers for SEO is an abundance of categories and tags. It can be overwhelming and confusing to figure out how to best categorize your content. However, doing so allows users to browse your site easily, and it helps search engines better understand the structure and nature of your content. With WordPress, you can create categories, child categories, and further smaller tags that create more organizational links that search engines can use to rank your website.


Median Rank by CMS | Agency Jet


At Agency Jet, we know how important search engine optimization is to your business, and we understand how to utilize the following measures to boost your SEO:


  • SEO-friendly URLs and permalinks
  • SEO Plugins
  • Phrases that increase traffic
  • Metadata
  • SEO-optimized images
  • Mobile optimization
  • Social Media integration


But, at Agency Jet, this is not just a one-time effort. We also understand that SEO is ongoing. It’s a long-term strategy to increase your internet presence over time and organically build rankings, drive traffic, and convert clicks to paying clients.


WordPress has many features that other platforms just don’t provide, or don’t do well. WordPress allows for easy embedding, enabling you to embed social media content, YouTube videos, and audio. All of this compelling embedded content can help with conversions and optimization, a win-win for you, the site owner.


In addition to search engine optimization, WordPress is one of the safest platforms in which to create your website, giving you the comfort of knowing your company, your employees, and your customers’ information is secure.


Why Agency Jet?


There are numerous marketers or digital marketing agencies who are undoubtedly fighting for your business daily. So why do so many people choose us to help them with their SEO campaigns?


Agency Jet has extensive experience as a top-rated WordPress website design company. We can give you the attention that only a smaller agency can provide while giving you the results that you expect from a large company. We focus on the specific needs of each client, creating a personalized strategy, and providing you with consistent real-time reporting. In addition, we are always transparent with you and what our goals are for your company. We believe in a collaborative approach, informing your company of each step we take.


4-Month Guarantee _ Agency Jet


96% of our clients renew their service with us past the initial contract because they are that satisfied with our results. We have high ratings and happy clients because we have the expertise and drive to deliver on what we promise. Our team members continuously keep up on the ever-changing landscape of technology and the digital world, allowing us to adapt and change our methods as we go and consistently build our client’s brands.


There is no doubt that running a business can be stressful. Let us take some of that burden off your shoulders. At Agency Jet, we know how to run your digital marketing and increase your internet traffic.


Don’t wait another minute. Let us build you a WordPress website and boost your SEO. At our first appointment, we will give you a completely free assessment of your internet presence and come up with a strategy that works best for you. Our assessment is meant to help you understand how you match up with your competitors and what we could do to help maximize your impact.


Give us a call at (612) 888-2538 or email us at today.


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