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Darrin Gerr


Darrin Gerr
Darrin Gerr is the Founder and Navigator of Agency Jet.
Based in Minneapolis, the company provides forward-thinking digital marketing solutions for customers throughout The United States and Canada.
Along with his trusted team members, Darrin is entirely dedicated to providing high-quality services to help his clients channel the full potential of their brands. Agency Jet specializes in SEO, Social Media, Web Design, and a lot more.
With a very hands-on attitude and a strong passion for innovation, Darrin has always been interested in the possibilities of digital marketing. His vision is not only to provide excellent services but also to educate and inform his clients and his co-workers to continually remain up-to-date in such a competitive, fast-paced world.
Darrin profoundly values transparency and the power of knowledge, and his personal life and career are based on such values. Firmly believing that success depends on a strong team, Darrin handpicked a crew of talented co-workers to help him drive his vision and serve his customers in the best possible way. As the company’s Navigator, he is the mastermind behind the policies and philosophy of the firm as a whole, with a strong focus on pursuing constant improvement and new expansion opportunities to leave a deeper mark on the market.
Artem Kuznetsov

Client Strategist

Artem Kuznetsov
If the last name didn’t already give it away, Artem Kuznetsov was born in the Eastern European country of Belarus. After moving to the US in 1993 and without a word of English, Artem quickly immersed his mind in everything and anything creative. His inability to sit still and urge to create made him a natural people magnet. In 2002, he joined Pre-paid Legal, where he gained sales and leadership experience by building a sales organization of 500+ people. It was around this time that he had an opportunity to meet Anthony Robbins. 
Artem was so inspired that any amount of failure only motivated him more. In fact, he lives by Napoleon Hill’s quote, “every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” In 2002, he co-founded Artway Media, a publishing company that published two unique pocket-sized magazines with monthly distribution of 25K+. In 2004, he co-founded Ad3pt, a creative agency that delivered solutions via print, design and web. In 2008, Artem and his business partner launched Sip n’ Sample, a marketing program that brought foodies and up-and-coming independently owned restaurants together. 
Today Artem is the Lead Web Strategist for Agency Jet. He works with new and existing clients, assisting them in creating stunning and functional websites and web applications.

Lead Project Manager

Colby Wegter
Colby Wegter is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), customer service and digital marketing.
He is a founding member and Director of Client Strategy at Agency Jet. His vision is to assist the company’s clients, providing them with a comprehensive education focusing on digital marketing strategies that can help them achieve their goals in the online space. 
As a dedicated and driven professional in his industry, Colby boasts impressive ethics, working tirelessly to achieve goals and provide the best results in any given scenario. He is an efficient go-getter, but he also understands the vital importance of teamwork, and is always keen on collaborating, listening and innovating.
With over ten years of experience dealing with customers in various capacities, Colby knows how to relate to people and offer them the best possible experience. In addition to his CS expertise, Colby is highly valued for his knowledge of SEO, web design, social networking, social media marketing and other marketing 2.0 techniques.
When not busy working, Colby is an avid lover of writing, reading, experiencing new culture through food + travel and brewing his own beer.
Mohsin Johar

Dir. of Technology

Mohsin Johar
Umer Malik

Sr. Project Manager

Umer Malik

Accounts Manager

Andrew Dubman
Andrew Dubman is a National Digital Marketing Strategist at Agency Jet whose mission is to help prospective customers understand the importance of digital marketing and its value to their businesses.
As an experienced and dedicated business strategist, Andrew has helped companies promote their businesses online by employing creative business consulting strategies and overseeing implementation of important digital marketing services provided by Agency Jet like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and website development.
Andrew has over 20 years of experience in business development and throughout his career has been on the cutting edge of marketing techniques. In years prior, he has successfully produced high returning print advertisements and video productions that have increased revenue for his clients. Seeing the future as a digital one, Andrew came on board with Agency Jet to educate customers that no matter the size of their business, they can compete with major players online.
When not producing stellar results for his clients, you’ll find Andrew riding his motorcycle, bicycling long distances, fishing or camping in Tennessee, where he calls home.

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