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Agency Jet believes that our job is to simplify all SEO service packages to help our clients grow and to help them understand the process through education and transparency. Ultimately the results provided empower them to maintain proper SEO services packages with their internal team over time or continue the relationship with Agency Jet with the best custom SEO package that gets the best results possible.

Agency Jet will help make a complex and technical internet marketing process as simple as possible at no charge.

It starts with the best free Educational (NO SALES) Website / Digital Marketing assessment for all potential clients to identify their current strengths and weaknesses. Many SEO companies will charge between $200 to $1000 for this consultation. This is part of our SEO marketing and has proven to be very successful helping companies. And, in the process, we have become the best SEO company in Minnesota and one the best SEO companies in the US. In other words, we pay it forward.

After you receive your digital marketing assessment and decide what type of SEO package is best for your business, you will have a single point of contact to manage whatever type of SEO package your company chooses. Your project manager will manage between 3 to 12 people working on the type of SEO package or packages such as bloggers, coders, video creatives, and content writers you decide on to get the best result you want to attain from your digital marketing strategy.

Your project manager will get to know your company’s business and understand all of your unique needs. Agency Jet requires a monthly meeting via Zoom or GOTOMeeting to go over the results and goals of your SEO services packages. We record all meetings to hold us accountable for all work completed on your SEO package and you will be able to keep a library of all communication. In the end we will become your best outsourced online digital search engine marketing team.

***VERY IMPORTANT – Should we lose your primary at your company, everything has been recorded, so that means the next person can reference all work from start to finish. That is the key to our success over the years. Complete transparency and education with proven results.***

Identifying the best SEO Companies Packages Available

Common question is “How much is SEO per month?

There isn’t one correct answer, because if you're Bob's Pizza in a small city, the only market is in your city and not as competitive. If you sell something like a Dell computer you have Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, and even Dell as your competition, so your national penetration will cost more for SEO. SEO isn’t cheap if done correctly.

Research by Ahrefs, states that the average digital marketing company SEO package costs about $2,819 per month.

  • The low end average digital marketing SEO Package costs about $500 per month.
  • The high end of digital marketing is between $25,000 to $50,000 per month

Agency Jet SEO Packages for companies is as follows:

Our average SEO package is $1,872 per month.

  • Our low end average digital marketing SEO Package is about $525 per month.
  • Our high end of digital marketing is between $18,500 to $32,000 per month.

Agency Jet’s SEO division has the best search engine optimization team working not only on a local level in our 4 offices in the US, but has national expertise with proven success. As one of the best SEO companies in the US, we offer a money back guarantee on all SEO packages.

We identify the products or services you want to rank for on the top pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Agency Jet will use white hat implementation on all SEO work we do. That makes our SEO packages whether local, regional, national or e-commerce, the best and most efficient to stand the test of time.

Cheap SEO Packages or SEO that works:

There is no such thing as cheap SEO THAT WORKS. The time and effort for proper on-page optimization, off-page optimizing, linking, content writing, videos, syndication, meetings, coding for algorithms, and accounting for all of Google’s changes monthly is not cheap.

Have you heard the statement “if it’s too good to be true it probably is”? Cheap SEO packages under $1,000 nationally will become a frustration and a serious waste of time and money.

At Agency Jet, we do triage of past cheap SEO package clients. The good news is they learn that before they invest a penny, as it starts with the best free Educational (NO SALES) Website / Digital Marketing assessment for all potential clients, we will identify the current strengths and weaknesses of your former SEO company.

What should the Best SEO companies provide

Agency Jet monitors every call by recording it and shares it with our clients to create a LIFETIME LIBRARY from start to finish to share with all team members at your company involved in the SEO campaign.

If a company is not sharing everything with you then you’re paying for air with no substance. A money back guarantee and estimated time to see results should be stated before a project starts. Agency Jet states if you do not have an upward trend on your traffic and rankings by month 4 you should fire us, and we will give your R&D investment back for any reason.

The Best SEO companies will be transparent with the following:

All companies should maintain full transparency. It will allow your team to see how all efforts of your SEO package are increasing eyes on your website. The data will identify if the website is performing properly as well as all areas that need maintenance.

  • SEO is an avenue to gaining organic traffic to your website
  • The website needs to convert
  • 24/7 access to SEO dashboard
  • Designated project manager managing your digital marketing team
  • Standard time of availability to answer all questions during weekdays
  • Live recorded calls of people calling in from Google search
  • Access to Google Analytics with education
  • Update keyword strategy a minimum of every 6 months
  • Weekly Reports of SEO Package Performance
  • Monthly Report of all work, links, blogs, coding, and other items that have been completed
  • Allowing a live meeting with Q&A about work (NOT A RECORDED VIDEO)
  • This is a great start to long term success and trust

We at Agency Jet look forward to hearing from you one of the following 3 ways:

  1. Call us at 612-888-2538 (24/7 Live Voice)

  2. Email Info@agencyjet.com

  3. Use this link: Free (Educational) Website / Marking Assessment


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