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Durall Manufacturing

From outdated to modern.

Durall Mfg Logo | Agency Jet


Durall Manufacturing is an industrial flooring manufacturer in Minneapolis, Minnesota that specializes in epoxy floor coatings for commercial and residential spaces. Before working with Agency Jet their website was over 10 years old and in need of an update.

Goal #1: Modernize the website to today's standard.

Goal #2: Transform the website from strictly informational to one that converts.

Durall Manufacturing | Agency Jet

The Challenge

Durall Manufacturing hadn't updated their website in years and subsequently their branding was also in need of an update. There was also a desire by Durall to update the color scheme to match the branding on their products and drastically improve the imagery on the new site to make sure it was appealing and would entice visitors to contact them.

The Solution

Agency Jet made it a point for there to be a Call-To-Action on the site no matter what page or what depth was scrolled to. It was also vital to include high quality images and examples of Durall's clients and client testimonials to build credibility of their new brand. Finally, the color scheme of the site needed to be updated to reflect the company's new brand.

The Results

Agency Jet created a floating Call-To-Action for site visitors to "Get A Free Quote" that was unobtrusive near the scroll bar but always present, no matter where a visitor was on the site. Agency Jet also added "Satisfied Customers" testimonials and metrics featuring square feet covered, customer satisfaction rates and how many Fortune 500® companies they've served. The new branding was incorporated, high quality images added and easy-to-use navigation implemented. Finally, Agency Jet had baseline SEO included and ensured the website speed was lightning fast.
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